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The graphic design of these signs is by Traveline Cymru and they include MOGO’s Next Bus Sign  four colour petal image, each petal providing a means for passengers to access the time of arrival of their next bus(es) on their mobile phones. Users choose the technology that best suits them and their particular phone. Next Bus Signs are designed to work with every phone in the world.

MOGO’s Next Bus Signs contain a photo-luminescent core so that information can be seen and read in the dark and and are provided in two formats:


1/ For use in existing time table cases - THE SLIMLINE SIGN .

Slimsign Cymru











2/ To really stand out - THE ECOSIGN SYSTEM

Traveline Cymru - ESS


The Four Petals are:

1/ BLUE – Text the bus stop’s unique code and receive a SMS text giving the arrival time of the next bus(es).
2/ RED – Use the internet capability of a smart phone to visit a website and then enter the bus stop’s unique code.
3/ GREEN – Using a smart phone with a barcode reading facility, passengers can scan the QR code.
4/ YELLOW – The latest ‘magic-touch’ innovation, Near Field Communication (NFC). No power supply is needed here as the phone activates a tag within the sign when it comes to almost touch the blue ‘N’ logo.


Size : 340 x 190 mm.


UK Patent No. 2471154
UK Patent No. 2471263

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