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The SlimSign





The ‘Slim’ sign is intended for use in existing time table cases. With a photoluminescent core, information can be seen and read in the dark.

In principle, signs can be of any size, The size; however, experience would indicate that 297 x 168 mm. is the most effective size.

The ‘SlimSign’ comes with a self-adhesive coating applied to its front surface for attachment to the inside of the front clear panel of a time table case, for this reason, we heartily recommend that the panel surface is both clean and dry.


The self-adhesive coating is protected by a clear plastic film identified by the open grid pattern printed on it. To remove this film, scratch the surface at one corner with either your fingernail or reasonably sharp object until the front cover opens up a little and starts to separate from the rest of the sign; once this has happened, the cover will peel off very easily.


Peel back the plastic cover to about halfway along the length of the sign; place the uncovered edge in place, checking it is square on within the window and then flatten it onto the glass (clear surface), pulling the cover off gently at the same time. Once you have done this a few times, a sign should be stuck them in place in well under a minute.

It is recommended that the sign should be attached to the very bottom of the clear panel so that the NFC symbol lies as close the lower right hand corner as possible. Traveline’s policy is that the visually impaired should expect to find the NFC tag at the bottom right hand corner of a time table case to provide uniformity in enabling them to receive automatic audio messages, given they have suitably configured phones.

In order for the RFID tag to be effective, it is important the sign is placed or insulated about ten millemetres away from any surrounding metal elements.

This sign should stay in place and be totally effective for a good many years.

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