Advertising Potential

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Advertising Potential

All mobile phones can read timetable information but with smart phones / devices linking to the internet, that is where the advertising market is really developing.

With the growing use of QR Codes and NFC available within mobile technology, advertising companies are keen to exploit this medium.

Advertising has a long and honourable relationship with public transport and as concerns bus travel, adverts are prominently displayed at bus shelters and often on buses themselves. Next Bus Signs not only communicate travel information but provide ‘virtual real estate’ offering bus companies, and transport authorities  the potential for ongoing revenue from commercial advertising.

Next Bus Signs are a minute fraction of the cost of installing and annual maintenance of one RTI box, they not only communicate travel information to the public but provide ‘virtual advertising real estate’.

More than that, these signs can make you money

This newly created extension of our precious landscape offers Council Authorities, PTEs and Bus Companies the potential to receive an ongoing revenue from commercial advertising, if they so wish. See the recent BBC web page: Mobile Mad Men.

For a view on how the advertising industry sees the development of displays containing the technologies found within the Next Bus Sign, see Mobile Mad Men.

Plain Bus Shelter

This bus stop shelter could earn money without displaying a single poster


Outdoor Advertising

John Lewis outdoor ads invite NFC touches

Clear Channel enters NFC advertising market

Clear Channel CEO says NFC will ‘transform’ billboard advertising

Clear Channel brings NFC to London’s Oxford Street

JCDecaux Australia to add NFC to out-of-home advertising network

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