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*Near Field Communication (NFC)




An RFID tag situated inside the MOGO EcoSign System


Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short range, wireless communication technology between two suitable items no further than a centimetre (half an inch) of each other. In the case of Next Bus Signs, a NFC mobile phone / device activates a RFID tag providing information to be read by the activator. The device then transmits this data back to a server using 3G / 4G or Wi-Fi which is then reported live to a management system. Tags themselves require no power and can be very thin indeed.

NFC uses ISO/IEC 14443 and communicates via magnetic field induction operating at a radio frequency of 13.56 MHz using loop antennas. The tags in the sign being passive are only activated by the loop being completed by the equivalent antenna in the NFC mobile device; this takes around 0.3 seconds. The tags are built into ‘Next Bus Signs’ which also indicate another three technologies, shown as ‘The Four Petals’ logo. All of these methods can be saved or bookmarked on the phones so in future the passengers can check a bus arrival time anywhere.

In Short

* NFC provides consistently high quality and up to date information for all passengers.

* It is economic to deploy and NFC is free to use * RFID Tags can contain information from a very simple alpha numeric code to full multiple instructions.

* RFID Tags require no power supply and signs containing them can be Installed anywhere.

* All the major phone manufacturers are producing NFC phones now. Only Apple have yet to decide if the iPhone 5S will contain NFC.


” Early in 2011, Orange and Barclaycard launched their NFC enabled ‘Quick Tap’ service for small purchases, allowing users to speed up transactions in chains such as McDonalds and Eat. Since then, this technology has proliferated throughout the world.

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