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The original, interactive bus stop sign designed for use with mobile phones / devices.

Simple to use and so cost effective!


Waiting for the bus at Newlyn, CornwallTo maximise the ease of deploying this new, interactive technology, MOGO’s NextBus Signs are provided in two formats:

1/ For an existing time table case – THE SLIMLINE SIGN

2/ To really stand out – THE ECOSIGN SYSTEM

Contained within a fully weather proof and vandal resistant, polycarbonate MOGO EcoSign System, somewhat resembling a mobile phone, this independent sign is designed to be strapped to a post or screwed or bolted onto a flat surface. Having the option of a photoluminescent core, information can be seen and read in the dark.

MOGO’s Next Bus Signs centre around a four colour petal image, each petal providing a means for passengers to access the time of arrival of their next bus(es) on their mobile phones. Users choose the technology that best suits them and their particular phone. Next Bus Signs signs are designed to work with every phone in the world.

The Four Petals are:

1/ BLUE – Text the bus stop’s unique code and receive a SMS text giving the arrival time of the next bus(es).
2/ PINK – Use the internet capability of a smart phone to visit a website and then enter the bus stop’s unique code.
3/ GREEN – Using a smart phone with a barcode reading facility, passengers can scan the QR code.
4/ YELLOW – The latest ‘magic-touch’ innovation, Near Field Communication (NFC). No power supply is needed here as the phone activates a tag within the sign when it comes to almost touch the blue ‘N’ logo.

NBS at Blackburn with Darwen

Conventional metal signs pose a problem for NFC technology as metal in close proximity to a NFC tag renders it inactive. Fortunately, the innovative MOGO ‘EcoSign System’ solves this problem. The ‘EcoSign System’, made of ultra-strong polycarbonate, is weatherproof, vandal-resistant, can be luminescent and can be directly mounted on both poles and flat surfaces within easy reach of phone users. They are also reusable and recyclable, thus allowing councils, bus companies or relevant parties to deploy them quickly and cheaply.

Both formats of Next Bus Signs can accommodate the visually impaired. By communicating with a suitably equiped mobile phone, Next Bus Signs can provide timetable information by ‘speaking it out aloud’ to those unable to read the screen. The NFC tag is always located in the bottom RH corner of the sign and can be accessed by feeling for that corner.
The ‘EcoSign System’ was developed on the back of MOGO’s successful ‘Text4Times’ bus stop signs, which continue to be used successfully throughout the UK. Now however, passengers can choose from the four communication technologies available to them, indicated as the four-petal image. All four methods can be saved or bookmarked on phones, thus allowing passengers to check a bus arrival time from anywhere. For this reason, Next Bus Signs are not just limited to bus stops; a significant features is that they can be placed anywhere where the public congregates to indicate the location and the time to the nearest bus stops. Once in place, the printed content may never need to be updated. Please take time to consider the implications of this facility!

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