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Smart Phones / Mobile Devices and
 in EcoSignage System

This signage system is not just for use at bus stops; ‘infoPoints’ are really come into their own wherever people congregate or have to wait.

Besides providing bus timetable information directly to mobile devices, this signage system is capable of giving direct access to other relevant web based information the local council thinks important. In this case, these signs become an ‘infoPoint‘ and, they too, can glow in the dark!

The interactive signage system works in exactly the same way as Next Bus Signs but may be located anywhere where the public tends to congregate, connecting people directly to websites providing information relevant to the area.
Besides Traveline timetable information, the public can access the local council website homepage or go directly to specific topics the council wants to promote, such as: *Visitor Attractions, *Local History, *Bus and Tram Routes, *Coach Routes and Coach Parking Areas, *Car Sharing Opportunities, *Cycle Hire Hubs, *Railway Stations, Etc.
Beside council provided information, the signage system can also inform on such things as the: *Weather Forecast, *Local News Headlines, *Local Business Pages, *Road Travel Updates, Etc. Whatever the sign provider thinks relevant.

There is, of course, the opportunity for local advertising!

With the combination of increased security, surging smart phone usage and the advent of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, mobile device users are appreciating that they can ‘swipe’ their phone as they would an Oyster Card. With this technology, Next Bus Signs and the signage system not only save councils and transport departments money but, through advertising revenue, can also provide councils with the potential to earn some extra income.

Mobile held in hand showing various Info linksTo discover just how versatile and economical these ‘Next Bus Signs / infoPoints’ are, select a popular bus route in your area for a trial run of these signs.

Examples of Web pages automatically re-sized to to fit the mobile device being used.

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UK Patent No. 2471154
UK Patent No. 2471263

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