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Contained within a fully weather proof and vandal resistant, polycarbonate MOGO EcoSign System, somewhat resembling a mobile ‘phone, this independent sign is designed to be strapped to a post or screwed or bolted onto a flat surface. Having a photoluminescent core, information can be seen and read in the dark.

ESS-NBS Sample

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This sign contains the following information:

1/ The outline of a Smart phone, indicating the sign is for use with a mobile phone.

2/ ‘When’s the next bus?’ The sign’s identity.

3/ The Traveline logo, the provider of all timetable information.

4/ The local council’s logo, indicating which council is responsible for the travel region, (Optional).

5/ A brief text indicating function of sign and instruction as to what to do.

6/ Common Name / real place location of particular bus stop.

7/ Street map showing geographical location of bus stop.

8/ Four different coloured petal symbols indicating the four different ways to access live bus times.

(a) By keying in the bus stop’s particular internet URL,

(b) SMS text bus stop code,

(c) QR code to locate bus stop’s internet URL without need for a keypad,

(d) Indication of location within sign of ‘smart’ tag for use by phones with NFC technology .

9/ Current maximum cost of SMS service.

10/ The sign manufacturer’s name and patent number.

Size : 340 x 190 mm.


Inside back panel of EcoSign System

Inside back panel of EcoSign System

EcoSign System strapped to pole

EcoSign System strapped to pole

Another benefit of Next Bus Signs concerns the visually impaired. By communicating with a suitably equiped mobile phone, Next Bus Signs can provide timetable information by ‘speaking it out aloud’ to those unable to read the screen. The NFC tag is always located in the bottom RH corner of the sign and can be accessed by feeling for that corner.

UK Patent No. 2471154
UK Patent No. 2471263Information - right on time

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