NewAuto Ltd. trading as MOGO UK is the manufacturer of ‘Next Bus Signs’, ‘Advanced Graphics’, the ‘EcoSign System‘  and ‘InfoPoint 247’ – Provision and Data Management of QR Code and NFC Tags Exclusively for UK Local Authorities. This signage system has the potential to link directly to mobile phones / devices and is increasingly being used to display UK bus time table information provided by Traveline.
With an expanding UK client base of over 200 local authorities, MOGO UK has provided licensing and data services together with data reporting systems developed over the last ten years. ‘Next Bus Signs’ was launched in late 2010 allowing MOGO UK to provide a growing number of UK councils with a continually evolving interactive street signage systems and data reporting.

A Total Solution including MOGO Software Development

Local and regional councils provide MOGO UK with a spreadsheet, the data is interpreted by our custom software platform, allowing mobile phone / tablet users to access either scheduled or Real Time Information for a particular bus stop.
This successful interactive street signage system, developed by MOGO UK, is based on our company’s proven ability to accurately generate large numbers of individual QR codes and programmed NFC tags applied to high quality graphic signs. Our signage system requires no power supply yet can glow in the dark.
The system can be either mounted in pre-existing display cases or, where no display case exists deploying the versatile ‘EcoSign System’.

Beside creating individual, physical signs, MOGO UK can provide local authorities with:
• An NFC Tag / QR code [tag] management platform over the contract period.
This would include:
◦ Control of all tags with the ability and add, edit or disable tags as required.
◦ Managing the content delivered by the tag including aggregating additional content, be it automatically delivered or not.
• Creation of Content Management System to display content and mobile services,
Such as:
◦ Adapting the mobile page rendering to each kind of OS and size of screens;
◦ Plan and schedule the information to be displayed on specific parts of the web pages (traffic alerts, news, weather, etc.) for all or a subset of the tags. Specific requests supplied by client council.
• Provide access to a complete administration Interface:
◦ Access to refined analysis about usage, depending on customised criteria (tag location, time, etc). This system is web based enabling secure access and cross platform support.
◦ Create personalised interaction with users: integration of registration through login/password to access specific services, check in functionality, acquisition or validation of rights.
◦ Delegate selected administration rights to additional users for a subset or all of the tags.

Local Authorities – Licensing

Since 1995, MOGO UK has been producing a full range of licensing products such as external and internal plates for taxis, their mounting brackets and fixings, badges, door signs, ‘Advanced Graphics’ street signs, as well as other secure products required by UK authorities’ licensing and regulatory activities such as the Licensing 2005 and Gambling Acts.


Protects the integrity of your A4 issued paper documents.

MOGO ID Badges can be created very quickly and without the need for any additional expenditure on software or equipment.

The innovative ‘Docu-Dash’ helps display many types of document for drivers, such as Disabled Permits, Car Park Tickets and route planners.

London Private Hire Sign Solution

Private Hire Signs in London Conforming with PCO Regulations.

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