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mobile devices + EcoSignSystem


 Accessing multiple information through QR codes or NFC tags


When a mobile device engages with either the QR code or NFC tag on fa ‘Next Bus Sign / infoPoint‘, contact is initially made with the landing page of ‘’. In the event that only bus time information is offered, this page will not appear and a link is made immediately with Traveline’s <>, i.e.  just the information provided in the NBS ‘pink petal’.

However, when a mobile device engages with either the QR code or NFC tag on a ‘Next Bus Sign / infoPoint‘ and the client council wishes to offer more information than just the arrival time of the next bus(es), by providing this signage system to the travelling public, the landing page appears providing a number of visual links to websites / destinations.

Direction to an App store is a popular option whilst other links could provide information about: Visitor Attractions, Local History, Bus and Tram Routes, Coach Routes and Coach Parking Areas, Car Sharing Opportunities, Cycle Hire Hubs, Railway Stations, Weather Forecast, Local News Headlines, Local Business Pages, Road Travel Updates, etc. i.e. whatever the client council thinks relevant. All this is possible with ‘Next Bus Signs / infoPoints’.

Rendering  the page to suit mobile OS and screen size

With ‘Next Bus Sign / infoPoint‘ offering this capability, the MOGO Back office systems service (BOSS) provides the facility to render the landing page (and subsequent pages accessed) to suit the OS and screen size. See examples below.


InfoPoint - Android     Landing page rendered for Blackberry OS     Landing page rendered for Google     InfoPoint - iPhone 4s

Screenshot for Android Smartphone   Screenshot for Blackberry Smartphone                    Screenshot for Android Tablet            Screenshot for Apple 4s Smartphone

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