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1/    A QR code / NFC tag Management Platform may include:

*  Control of all tags with the ability to add, edit or disable tags as required.

*  Managing the content delivered by the tag including aggregating additional content, be it automatically delivered or not.

2/    Creation of Content Management System to display content and mobile services, such as:

*  Adapting the mobile page rendering to each kind of OS and size of screens.     See examples

*  Plan and schedule the information to be displayed on specific parts of the web pages (traffic alerts, news, weather, etc.) for all or a subset of the tags. Specific requests supplied by yourselves.

3/         Provide access to a complete administration Interface:

*  Access to refined web based data analysis about usage, depending on customised criteria (tag location, time, etc). This system is web based enabling secure access and cross platform support.

*  Provide web access to data through personalised interaction with users: integration of registration through login/password to access specific services, check in functionality, acquisition or validation of rights.

*  Delegate selected administration rights to additional users for a subset or all of the tags.

There is also the option for councils to generate an income stream from the sale of advertising.

Subject to further discussion, an advertising facility may be incorporated into the system such as Google AdSense; however, MOGO UK does NOT provide direct advertising sales.


The image below is an example of the access report page allowing client transport departments to analyse various aspects of the public’s
QR code and NFC tag usage of their ‘Next Bus Signs’.


Sample ' page

This sample image is not live, for further information please contact MOGO UK

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